E-Hailing in Pakistan: The Future is Bright

E-Hailing in Pakistan: The Future is Bright

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Pakistan is a country that has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, and one of the sectors that has benefited from this growth is the transportation industry. E-hailing has become a popular mode of transportation in Pakistan, and it is poised for even greater success in the years to come. In this article, we will explore how e-hailing in Pakistan will boom by 2027 and what this means for the industry and the country.

 The Growth of E-hailing in Pakistan

E-hailing services have become increasingly popular in Pakistan over the past few years. The four main players in the market are Careem PakistaninDriveUber, and Bykea, which have seen significant growth in the country since they launched. According to a report by the Statista, the e-hailing market in Pakistan was worth around $76 million in 2021, and it is expected to grow to $2.69 billion by 2027.

This impressive growth can be attributed to several factors, including:


E-hailing services are generally more affordable than traditional taxis, which makes them a popular option for many people in Pakistan. As inDrive is seems to be most affordable, it’s the model where you can negotiate your fares with taxi drivers and you can get the most afforable price for your ride.


Offer your fare


The ability to book a ride with just a few taps on a smartphone has made e-hailing extremely convenient for users in Pakistan.


E-hailing services are generally considered to be safer than traditional taxis because they have built-in safety features and are often monitored by the companies that operate them. Comapnies are taking good intitatives for the safety of riders as well, as Careem Pakistan launches womens drivers in Pakistan.


 Vehicle options:

E-hailing services in Pakistan offer a range of vehicle options, e.g Bykea offer riding with bikes, tuk tuks, cars and also there are bunch of other options as well such as pacakge delivery, ordering food and shop for groceries as well, to suit different budgets and needs, which makes them more appealing to a wider audience.


 The Future of E-hailing in Pakistan

The future of e-hailing in Pakistan looks bright. As the country continues to experience economic growth, more people will have access to smartphones and the internet, which will increase the demand for e-hailing services. In addition, the government of Pakistan has recognized the potential of e-hailing services and has taken steps to support their growth. For example, in 2019, the government announced a new ride-hailing policy that would regulate the industry and ensure the safety of passengers.



As you can see, the market is expected to grow significantly over the next few years, reaching a value of over $2.69 billion by 2027. This growth will be driven by several factors, including:

 Population growth:

Pakistan’s population is expected to continue to grow over the next few decades, which will increase the demand for transportation services.

 Smartphone penetration:

The percentage of Pakistan’s population that owns a smartphone is expected to increase significantly over the next few years, which will make e-hailing more accessible to more people.

 The Impact of E-hailing on Pakistan

The growth of e-hailing in Pakistan will have a significant impact on the country. It will create job opportunities for drivers, which will help to reduce unemployment and poverty. It will also make transportation more affordable and accessible for people, which will improve their quality of life.

Additionally, e-hailing services can help to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in cities, which will have a positive impact on the environment.

Founder & CEO at ARF Interactives (Pvt.) Ltd. | Software Development Services | Applications, Websites and Games Development

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