Why Lawyers and Law Firms need Web/Mobile Application: Law Firms in Australia

Why Lawyers and Law Firms need Web/Mobile Application: Law Firms in Australia


According to recent research by ARF INTERACTIVES, 52 individuals search for law firms in Victoria daily, while 79 people search in Western Australia. These numbers are increasing every day, making it crucial for law firms to adapt to the digital revolution. One potential solution for law firms is to offer video consultations, which could tap into a $12.6 billion market. In this blog post, we will explore how law firms can leverage the power of digital technology to serve their clients more efficiently.

Why video call consultation matters

Filling Gap:

  • There is a huge gap between clients and legal advisors.
  • Video call consultation can give a real-time and quick solution to discuss multiple legal matters with professionals.
  • Clients can discuss matters from the comfort of their homes which eliminates the need to visit physically.

Microservices for legal advisory:

  • Microservice architecture can revolutionize the legal advisor industry by breaking down complex solutions and services into smaller chunks so clients can understand what they are looking forward to. Video call consultation is a solution for providing those microservices.

Cost-effective and Time-Saving:

  • Travel time, paperwork, and administrative tasks can be reduced for both the client and the law firms.
  • Video calls reduce the overheads by making this process both cost-effective and time-saving for both parties.

Designing and Developing the Application

User Friendly Interface:

  • Prioritize the ease of use and easy navigation to design UI architecture.
  • Perform solid research on multiple features to add to applications such as building and property disputes, notarization services, breach of contract, breach of copyright, general consultation, and much more.
  • Be aware that the features can differ regionally so design the UI accordingly.

Video calling and Appointment Scheduling:

  • Ensure that the video quality is crystal clear.
  • Enable lawyers and clients to share documents and presentations while sharing screens.
  • Allow the client to upload a relevant document while scheduling the appointment so the lawyer can study the case in advance.
  • For Video call Feature Implementation, you can build it from scratch using WebRTC tools or 3rd party APIs such as Zoom.

Compliance and Security:

  • Protect the client data with end-to-end encryption, a privacy policy for clients to keep their data private, and digital contracts between lawyers and clients not to disclose any document publically unless both parties agree to do so.


  • Choose databases like PostgreSQL as your application also deals with geo postal data to attain the best nearby lawyers and firms.

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