The Next Revolution of GPS

The Next Revolution of GPS

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Are you tired of losing your GPS signal when driving through an urban canyon or valley? Well, you’re not alone. Fortunately, the next generation of GPS satellites, GPS III, is being designed and built by Lockheed Martin, and it promises to solve this problem.


The GPS III satellites will be three times more accurate than the current generation, providing better accuracy and reliability for users anywhere in the world. Military users will benefit from signals that are up to eight times more powerful, improving jamming resistance and availability for critical missions worldwide.


What’s more, GPS III will be compatible with international global navigation satellite systems, maximizing users’ chances of receiving a strong and accurate signal. The satellites will also have a 15-year design life, twice as long as some of the current GPS satellites, making them less expensive to launch and maintain.


One of the most significant improvements of GPS III over previous versions is its ability to detect and avoid jamming signals. GPS 3 has a new military signal known as M-code that can identify and deter them. It offers 3 times greater accuracy and up to 8 times improved anti-jamming capabilities.

Another advantage of GPS III is its new radio frequency, allowing it to transmit more data than earlier system versions. This means it will be able to provide more accurate readings for users on the ground who don’t have access to an internet connection or cell phone service.


You can expect GPS III to be able to track moving objects more accurately than ever before. GPS 3 will have a 1-3 meter accuracy, making it more accurate than ever. The advanced M-code signal will provide more robust and secure communications with enhanced security and anti-jamming features. It can also be used to conceal the identity of the GPS satellite from an adversary.

GPS III has a longer lifespan and provides a more significant margin of availability, with the GPS III satellite constellation expected to be operational until at least 2043, with an estimated service life of more than 15 years. The GPS III is designed for superior performance and orbit stability, enabling greater positioning accuracy and increased availability.

GPS III promises to provide better accuracy, reliability, and availability for billions of users worldwide for decades to come. As GPS has become essential to almost all aspects of modern life, GPS III will ensure the availability of this critical utility with enhanced performance, making our lives easier and safer.

Founder & CEO at ARF Interactives (Pvt.) Ltd. | Software Development Services | Applications, Websites and Games Development

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