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In a dynamic fusion of technology and design, we crafted a bespoke website for a multifaceted travel agency, seamlessly integrating study visa consultancy, Hajj and Umrah packages, and business consultancy services. The design journey commenced in Figma, ensuring a visually appealing and user-centric interface. Leveraging the versatility of WordPress, we developed a custom theme that not only reflects the brand identity but also enhances the overall user experience. A key feature includes an interactive and user-friendly package description module, designed for simplicity and clarity. This module enables users to easily comprehend the array of services offered by the agency and provides transparent price estimations. The result is a cohesive online platform that not only showcases the diverse services but also simplifies the user journey, inviting exploration and engagement.

Website Development: Utilization of WordPress for a robust and customizable website structure.

Design: Figma served as the primary design tool, ensuring visually appealing and user-centric interfaces.

Key Features

Custom theme

Interactive Website

Responsive Design

Friendly User Interface

Multifaceted Services

Package Descriptions


20 Days

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