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n a landmark collaboration, Yaqoob Shoes And Company embarked on a transformative journey with us to propel their brand into the digital realm. Established in 1979, the venerable company sought to extend its market reach in Saudi Arabia through an innovative Shopify store named Safeso. Entrusting us not only with the development of their e-commerce platform but also with a comprehensive rebranding initiative, we seamlessly blended tradition with modernity. Through strategic digital marketing endeavors, we orchestrated a successful campaign to expand Safeso’s online market presence, marking a new chapter in the esteemed legacy of Yaqoob Shoes And Company.

E-commerce Platform: Shopify served as the foundation for the development of Safeso, providing a robust and scalable platform for online transactions.

Rebranding: A comprehensive rebranding effort was undertaken to modernize the image of Yaqoob Shoes And Company for the digital landscape.

Digital Marketing: Strategic digital marketing initiatives were implemented to extend the reach of Safeso and elevate its presence in the Saudi Arabian market.

Key Features

Secure Transactional Handling

Search Engine Optimization

Content Management System

Comprehensive Rebranding

User Friendly Navigation

Responsive Design


60 Days

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