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Paradox Computers

Paradox Computers, a pioneering company in the assistive technology sector, commissioned a bespoke website to showcase their innovative Braille Smart Watch for the visually impaired. The entire development process was meticulously crafted, utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Design: Figma was employed for the meticulous design phase, ensuring a user-centric interface that aligns seamlessly with Paradox Computers’ brand identity.

Development: The website was built from the ground up using WordPress, leveraging a custom theme tailored to Paradox Computers’ unique requirements. This approach provided a robust and scalable foundation for the site’s functionality.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Rigorous SEO strategies were implemented to enhance the online visibility of Paradox Computers. Resulting in a remarkable achievement of securing the top position on Google search rankings.

Key Features

Intuitive Interface

Responsive Design

Braille Showcase

Custom Theme

Information Architecture

Interactive Support


Sukone Hong, South Korea


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